Monday, November 22, 2010

High School Days

No ... this is not a trip down memory lane about my fun times in Lincoln High School or a promo for Glee.

As you know I taught Special Education in High School in the 1980's ... leaving by 1990 to work as a full time psychic and all that would embrace my life after that. In those years I taught at John Dewey High School in Brooklyn, a majestic school compared to the other high schools, with the largest campus of all. The energies were generally good, the students ready to learn. Some have actually found me in recent years and have come for readings.

By the time I quit teaching, everyone knew about my 'secret life/career' - the students asking about their destinies. Of course I never told them anything. A psychic should never talk to children without a parent present. Teens have always been way too volatile, so I never go there. A teen can change their mind, in a second - it's all about hormones and wanting to be empowered, respected, and understood. Wait ... isn't that what adult life is about too? Teen years are also about the onset of mental illness (18-20) but that's another blog.

Sunday I had brunch with Harold. Report ... UFO's sightings are up even in Brooklyn, abductions are down or just for contact, abductees moving forward in life as one cannot dwell forever unless mentally ill, tangible proof still not available and won't be until the end. So nothing is new...

After brunch ... I ran into a fellow teacher who told me something very surprising - there are plans to close Dewey High School. What set Dewey apart from the other high schools, back in the day, was the college-like campus, advanced programming, and more.

    Waving signs and demanding that the city support John Dewey High School¹s programs and students, roughly 200 parents and alumni demonstrated Friday morning outside of the school¹s main gate on Avenue X, in a movement they call Fight Back Fridays. Once known as one of the 'most progressive experiments in education in the 20th century,' John Dewey is one of 47 city schools - including 27 high schools - that the Department of Education (DOE) is considering closing.

My friends have all retired from teaching, but there is something that hits the nostalgia button when you hear about a school closing. I am a teacher at heart, not a healer, but then again, there is an overlap. To be a teacher is to work with students who want to learn and move forward, not remain stuck in issues and ignorance. Students arrive in your life, at least in mine, when they are ready, then leave to find the rest of their answers and destinies. Teachers are catalysts who open consciousness to wondrous worlds. You evolve through knowledge which allows you the freedom to heal. Healers, in the psychological sense of life coaches, therapists, etc. deal with people's issues, all the while not realizing that when the person is ready, they'll figure it out on their own and move forward. It's all about timing and programming (curriculum).

And so fellow students and teachers ... the lesson repeats ... everything must end as reality dictates. This is a Fire/Liquidation Sale ... everything must go! Embrace change - don't fight it. The program is almost over. You should feel like this is your Senior year with all of the universe out there after you leave. You can't understand the bigger picture until you graduate. The Universe is your University.

The clock is ticking .... and the final school bell is

about to ring announcing school is closed forever.