Friday, November 5, 2010

South Africa

After reading today's article on Thunderbolts about the Vredefort Crater of South Africa I decided to create a new file about it. Vredefort Crater is the largest verified impact crater on Earth.

Also in South Africa we find Michael Tellinger's research about ancient gods/giants who landed in South Africa long before the storyline of the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians, though the themes overlap with Zecharia Stichin's research.

    Of course they do ... as all is created by the same sacred geometric code, which you should understand by now. We are projected illusion experiencing in a consciousness hologram created by mathematical constructs that allow for learning and experience through the physical brain, an electrochemical machine, or the emotions.

In August, Michael emailed a photo of himself standing beside a giant stone footprint that was held vertically, the footprint his height. A man passionate about the messages he brings to humanity, and definitely loving the limelight, Michael discusses ancient stone ruins of South Africa some of which he named Adam's Calendar (image above). Ancient '200,000BC' Human Metropolis Found in Africa

Michael Tellinger - Stone Circles & Ancient Gold Mines in South Africa YouTube

I believe that hidden beneath the sands of time .... or new inserts added to the program to pique the curiosity of inquiring minds ... are endless stone structures that tell the story of humanity as created by ancient astronauts, who are probably us.

Do you believe your soul was created here? Are you really a human ... or more? Did you - or are you - one of the ancient astronauts who seeded this reality?

Interconnected Dreams - Strange Time Traveling Dream

It all started last week after George and I spent the day together. After he left, a clear male voice said, "The program has ended. Why are you still here?" Surprised I asked George about it ... and we wondered if we were missing something.

Segue to this week

You may have heard of shared dreams in which two people share the same dream simultaneously, then discuss it afterwards in detail. Now check this out ...

    Tuesday as George woke up, he heard a male voice tell him he was not from here. In front of him was a buzzing sound, which entered his body through the throat chakra. The buzzing was so real (George is a lucid dreamer) -- he woke up thinking a bee was in his apartment. When he told me the story, I had no way of interpreting what it meant.

    Segue to Thursday morning as Ellie had a strange sequential dream, which initially woke her up at 2:32 a.m. It began as part of George's dream, which I later realized.

    I see George sleeping as I approach him with an alarm clock ... the old fashioned kind with the two bells on top.

    I stand in front of him and ring the alarm to tell him time was up. The alarm makes a buzzing sound rather than the usual bell sounds.

    George stirs ...

    I fall back to sleep.

    I wake up at 3:33 in front of George who is still asleep. (Is there a metaphor here?)

    I 'tell' him the alarm clock is a school bell and that the university project is over ... it is time to wake up and go home.

    The clock makes another buzzing sound ... George stirs ... a light moves from the clock into George's throat chakra.

    I wake up .. process ... and make notes now understanding that George has something important to say ... maybe tomorrow when we meet again ... or some time soon.

    Time and experience are all an illusion.

    All of this may have been activated by the blog I wrote below before I went to sleep.