Friday, November 26, 2010

Sleep Apnea

If reality is consciousness than that which we consider sleep time is just as important as conscious awareness in this reality. Dream time is about working out issues, processing information, meeting souls on the other side, learning, is considered by some cultures to be the true reality, is not affected by time and space, and does not stop when we wake up here.

Okay .. dreams are important. Got it. So what happens to the body, mind, and soul when we don't sleep a required number of hours based on the body's needs? The results are devastating. This takes us to sleep disorders and a new article linking sleep apnea to weight. Read More ...


Palmistry, is my favorite tool of divination, as the genetic aspects of the hands are formed before birth showing us that our soul journey is linked to genetically inherited DNA patterning, as unique as a fingerprint. Lines, created by the subconsciousness mind (soul), add on as one moves through life, but only on the dominate hand, or the one you write with. These are the blueprint of your experience in this reality.
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