Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Last night I was out to dinner with friends discussing the election. We all knew Andrew Cuomo would win as NYS governor, though we don't see anything great resulting from that. We also agreed the Republicans would seize control of the House, the obvious statement made about the failure of the Democrats over the past two years - as if anyone could make things better. About the California results - Jerry Brown won, but nothing earthshaking there .. yet. Prop 19 was rejected in California as you know. Just more stuff in the dramas of Planet Earth Chapter 2010. One thing seems clear to me - people take a long hard look at the patterns of the past as well of those unfolding today and understand from a much better perspective than ever before. They understand the issues and are far more realistic about future outcomes that past generations. It's more about the economy which drives human behavior that most other things. Living with dysfunctionality becomes harder as time goes by.

So what are the results ... another years slips away and another election. As to the science project's experience in ... the results show .... it's all evolving according to plan.