Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Apocalyptic World Views and Other Crazy Stuff

Is May 21, 2011 a Judgment Day? No way! There is no Judgment Day, though the program is seeking to restore order and balance in everything before closure (be foreclosure) -- political, economic, religious (wait and see on this one), geophysical (earthquakes, weather, etc.), social (relationships), and health (emotional, physical, and learning challenges). People are really working hard to that end.

Prophecy, in a strange way, is coming to pass as all prophecies converge in this timeline (cool). What's driving May 21, 2011 and other end time theories? The answer is an intuitive knowing that our reality simulation - (you don't think this is real?) - is about to end, a need to put a date to it, but not understanding that time is an illusion and lucid like a dream. December 21, 2012 is a metaphor, numeric code, designation, or destination (reverse Fibonacci numbers to 0 or Zero Point) ... lots of 2's and 1's and 0's and things happening on the 21st of various months. (21=3=3D=physical reality for new readers who don't know the metaphors.)

Synchronicity? When Science Meets Pseudoscience (Prophecy)

These doomsday theorists are doing what they are programmed to do. Most seem mentally ill or spent years as substance abusers. They need meaning in their lives and along with the Internet can easily find those of like-mind. I have met some of them and they can be pretty scary and totally compulsive. It's all in their eyes. Many have RV's and go out to live in the desert areas of the south west to wait for UFOs to come back for them. When their date for end times doesn't pan out - and we saw this at the turn of the century - they will find another date.

Don't Save the Date. Don't Wait For It.

This Saturday should be pretty interesting, but Jesus will not return - he's not even in our grid. If he came back - he would need to get online immediately and start Tweeting his messages. (Fun stuff)

In the News ...

The Draw of Doomsday: Why People Look Forward to the End   Live Science - May 17, 2011

Most people go through their daily lives assuming that tomorrow will be a lot like today. No pits of fire will open up, society won't collapse, and the world, most likely, won't end. But for others, doom has a certain appeal. The most famous example these days is Harold Camping, a California-based Christian radio broadcaster who believes that May 21, 2011, will mark Judgment Day, ushering in five months of torment for the unsaved until the universe finally ends on Oct. 21. Camping has bought billboards and dispatched caravans of believers around the country, warning the world of its fate.

Infographic: Doomsdays Past & Present   Live Science - May 17, 2011

Interesting Reading which goes to Crystalinks Prophecy Files

World will end on May 21, 2011 says ex-MTA worker Robert Fitzpatrick, who's putting money where mouth is   NY Daily News - May 12, 2011


Religious belief is human nature, huge new study claims   CNN - May 12, 2011

Religion comes naturally, even instinctively, to human beings, a massive new study of cultures all around the world suggests. Studies around the world came up with similar findings, including widespread belief in some kind of afterlife and an instinctive tendency to suggest that natural phenomena happen for a purpose.