Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Balance Scales

The scales of balance are in play in end times. The program doesn't know if Raj is guilty and doesn't care. In end times the program needs to correct and balance all things out (see Anubis blog). Don't expect the economy to ever go back to the way it was. It didn't work. Human consciousness is also seeking balance so look out.

Raj Rajaratnam Guilty - Why Things Didn't Go His Way   Forbes - May 11, 2011

It looked as though the trial would not go his way once his defense team lost its battle last November to suppress the taped phone calls of insider information that were the center of the government¹s case. Rajaratnam never took the stand in person during the trial but the jury heard plenty of him on those tapes. Insider trading cases can be confusing for jurors who have little knowledge of the complex dealings of Wall Street. After all, we are all still trying to figure out the causes and villains of the financial meltdown of 2008. However, the tapes provided a precise account of what constituted insider information.

Galleon's Rajaratnam Found Guilty   New York Times - May 11, 2011

Raj Rajaratnam, the billionaire investor who once ran one of the world's largest hedge funds, was found guilty of fraud and conspiracy on Wednesday by a federal jury in Manhattan. He is the most prominent figure convicted in the government's crackdown on insider trading on Wall Street. Mr. Rajaratnam, who was convicted on all 14 counts, faces up to 25 years in prison when he is sentenced. Mr. Rajaratnam is expected to appeal.

Over in Vegas - the betting man's town

Hedge Fund Guys Applaud Raj Verdict, Nervously   CNBC - May 11, 2011

A handful of hedge fund managers and traders were gathered around a table in Las Vegas for breakfast Wednesday morning when Raj Rajaratnam was convicted on all 14 counts in his insider trading trial. Everyone went silent as the news broke. Like many of their hedge fund colleagues, the managers are in Las Vegas this week for the Skybridge Alternative Investment conference. Finally, the youngest hedge fund guy at the table spoke up. "I never liked the guy. He was giving us a bad name," he said. By "us" he meant hedge funds. This quickly became the consensus. "It's good for honest guys when dishonest guys go away," another breakfast attendee said. So were they surprised by the verdict? "I think some of us were just hoping that the jury would somehow rebuke the government for treating insider trading like the mafia. Maybe let him off on some charges," one said. "I guess, we're all wondering what this means going forward. How many phones get tapped? What info is out of bounds?" said another trader. No one wanted to be named for this story.

Glee - Prom Queen

Did you watch Glee Tuesday night? Watch it on Hulu As you know I watch Glee for the entertainment, not for the social issues. Glee centered around Prom night - the couples, the performances, and best of all Kurt, a sensitive gay male student who surprisingly won for Prom Queen. This show is great at dealing with gay issues, especially with teenagers.

Did you go to your High School prom? I loved my prom - tiara, pink gown, former graduates who became professional entertainers returning to sing. I never realized people had such bad memories of High School until I grew up and reunions were discussed. My many girlfriends and I had a blast - and guess what? We did it all without drugs and booze. We were all high on life. I fell in love twice in High School - Carl, the captain of the football team (so hot) and Mel who went on to dance on Broadway after we graduated (also very hot and definitely not gay).

Sex ... not in High School for me ... but it took a lot of will power not to cave. I was too immature, as were my friends, and if you recall, I graduated at 16. Actually Carl and I met again by accident (laugh) in the 1980's after we both divorced (in the same year) and rekindled lost passions. He said the coolest things ... like how he looked for me after he came back from Vietnam, but I was already married, so he moved on and married someone who looked like me. I had 3 daughters and he had 3 sons, around the same ages. The second time around we laughed about not having sex at 16, but knew we weren't ready. Though the chemistry remained through the years, it was fun to have a fling and remain friends, but destiny would take us in different directions once again - he wanted to remarry and I didn't. Also connecting us was that he totally embraced my life as a psychic 30 years ago. I wonder if he reads Crystalinks.. He currently lives in southern California not far from his son Rob Weiss a television and film producer, screenwriter, actor, and director.

Times were different in the 60's. We would have embraced today's technologies - but alas they were not due to come into the program for decades. What would today's teens do without texting and tweeting all day?

Proms and Graduations abound over the next month. Enjoy! Most students look forward to getting out of school and on to the next. Teen blogs ... and their issues ... well you can find them on the Internet, but unless you're a teen I doubt that you are interested. What I love most about todays kids is how savvy they are about emotional problems and learning challenges. They are psychically in tune and don't have to wear a silly label that says "Indigo Child". I never liked labels as more often than not they offend.

As to Glee - one has to wonder what becomes of these talented students after 4 years on the air. Most of the cast is already in their twenties.

This thought may have crossed your mind as you read the last two sentences ... It doesn't matter. We won't be here. We too will have graduated and moved on to the next. If you thought something like that, you are good to graduate from our little universities/universe in the sky.

May 11, 1982

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