Monday, May 23, 2011

Saying Good-bye

Many TV shows have aired their season finales, or will early this week. If you've been a fan of Oprah over the past 25 years, she is down to her last 4 shows on ABC. She has been one of the greatest healing forces on the planet and has helped millions find themselves. It's time to say good-bye.

Last Friday I watched Katie Couric sign off after 5 years at CBS. Katie was the first woman to be a solo anchor on an network news show in the evening. Let's see what she does next.

Also on CBS last Friday, we bid a fond farewell to Mary Hart as co-host of Entertainment Tonight after 29 years.

Regis Philbin will officially leave Live at the end of November 2011.

"The Event" means "The Rebirth" - Monday Night Season Finale.
The Event was cancelled.

Monday night on Sanctary we return to WWII Germany and discover the simulation.

May 25 - June 1, 2011

Fleet Week NYC 2011

  Fleet Week NYC  Google Videos

Since 1984, New York City has held Fleet Week to honor the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. The week features extensive military demonstrations, as well as the opportunity for the public to tour some of the visiting ships. The Memorial Day commemoration is a highlight of the week's festivities, featuring the singing of Taps and a military aircraft fly over in honor of those who lost their lives in service to the United States.