Friday, May 20, 2016


Let's start with EgyptAir plane wreckage found. As I posted yesterday - this is terrorism, the truth to become known as the investigation continues in the weeks ahead. In Egypt, the crash dealt another blow to the crucial tourism industry. Remember when questers/searchers planned tours to sacred sites either to glimpse at the past or engage in its energies? Many of them have become rubble while others are in areas now considered unsafe for tourism.

The worst news of the week - more than the EgyptAir disaster - is the Oklahoma abortion bill. It reminds me of the day Donald Trump said he would punish women who have abortions. To me, this is totally barbaric. Women should have a choice as to what they want to do with their bodies - but you already know the pros and cons of the abortion issue.

This week media focused on TV upfronts and season finales. Last night on "The Blacklist" it was everything I had predicted. Do not read these spoilers if you plan to watch this episode at a future date. So here we go ... I am happy to report that Liz's death - as I predicted - was a set-up. Mrs. Kaplan (I think she's Red's mother) was in on the plot that involved faking Liz's death and setting up a new future for Liz, Tom, and baby Agnes to get them away from Red and keep them safe. Of course, viewers knew everything was going to blowup in the end. Thinking they were safe in Cuba, Liz, Tom, and Agnes, where kidnapped by a bad guy named Alexander Kirk ... who tells Liz he is her real father as we fade to black. Of course he's lying as Red is really her father who will soon come to her rescue. Alexander appears to be dying and has his own agenda that might include the rescue of Liz's mom next season. How easy it all would've been if Red had just told Liz and Tom the truth at the beginning but lies and deceit always create good storyline - in real life (if that's what this it) and in media. The truth about Liz being alive was revealed to her FBI coworkers at the end (smile). To be continued in the fall when Liz (Megan) returns from maternity leave. The Blacklist finale recap: "Alexander Kirk: Conclusion"

Now to Ellie's life back here in Brooklyn ... I'm in the process of redoing my kitchen which begins next week when Mercury goes direct. I'm getting granite countertops and a subway glass backsplash - pics to follow when the job is done. Yesterday I cleaned out - and rearranged - all of my kitchen cabinets and threw away things I knew I would never need. I am not a collector of useless things so downsizing fits right into my personality.

My daughter Zsia and her family in NJ are moving into their new house next Tuesday and so I am on my way there on this gorgeous day to lend a helping hand. Here's the new house.

May 20-22, 2016

US Wesak at Mt Shasta

Wesak or Vesak, also known as Buddha Purnima and Buddha Day,
is a holiday observed traditionally by Buddhists on different days.
Celebrates Buddha's birthday and falls on or around the full moon in Scorpio

May 20, 1990

Hubble Opens Its Eye ... and Blinks   Wired

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May 22, 2016

Billboard Music Awards

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