Tuesday, May 31, 2016


It's the day after a three-day - or for some people a four-day holiday weekend. School is still open in some districts while other children are away on holiday and/or starting camp. Getting in trouble this summer are teens with tech skills and not proper filtering of the harm their hacking can do.

Also getting us in trouble ... we are one week away from the final primaries so focus will turn to the political chaos this country finds itself in. If you followed politics this weekend, you have again concluded that the candidates are all scary people and electing any of them - even a third-party candidate - which for some seems imminent - isn't going to resolve anything. Disillusionment will rule and increase the chaos in an already fractured world. Let's see how the week unfolds as we say goodbye to May and June returns in the cycle we "time".

Weather: Wednesday is the beginning of hurricane season but as we know the weather plays by new rules that are unpredictable. The warmer months are historically the most violent time in the large cities so be careful. Follow the patterns.

  Summer Outlook Update: North Bakes, South Heat in Check   Weather.com - May 31, 2016
The U.S. may have an upside-down summer of temperatures, with the most above-average heat in the northern half of the nation.

Business: The average pay for the top 200 highest-paid chief executives at U.S. companies fell 15 percent in one year, to about $19 million. But pay is higher where there are more women on the corporate board.