Sunday, May 22, 2016


Tonight are the Billboard Music Awards Enjoy.

Mercury Retrograde is now going direct.

Happy Birthday to the Gemini Readers under a Full Moon 1° Sagittarius

Ancient Aliens Season 11

I've been so busy I forgot to blog that "Ancient Aliens" has returned for its 11th season. Of all the shows about aliens - connecting science and pseudoscience - this show has presented the best information in a timely fashion as if preparing humans for truth that will soon be revealed. I suppose that's why it's been around for so many seasons even if the number of episodes in recent years has been reduced to 10. The beauty of the show is allowing viewers to bring together what they researched and remembered and apply it to what we're discovering in today's world. Though Hillary Clinton has said she would tell Americans the truth if elected, we don't believe her and we certainly don't trust her. I would put more faith in Donald Trump finding out what's really going on and sharing.

The History Channel advertised an October 28-30 event in Santa Clara, California called Alien Con. Lots of young techies from Silicon Valley will definitely be there on the trail of ET and the hidden truth. So far I'm not drawn to attend. Perhaps it's the long trip and all the airport obstacles ... or maybe the fact that there's nothing much to learn ... at least not for me. On the flip side, it would be fun to meet those long lost California cousins ... as well as meeting some of the speakers at the event.

I missed the first episode, "Pyramids of Antarctica" but will watch it Online or On Demand.

Episode 2, "Destination Mars", was an old theory about Mars as once it might have been when something disastrous happened sending what we call aliens to Earth to colonize here. Conspiracy theories discussed covert government projects that link humans to Mars. They skipped over the real potential of portals between Earth and Mars - as a Stargate allegedly exists in Antarctica. The Earth-Mars connection has always been part of our mythology and science. No fluid reality and the truth will not become known without an incident propelling it forward.

Episode 3 "The Next Humans - Nanorobots - Cyborgs - Technology" Nootropics