Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bugging Out

What's bugging Americans besides the political and social issues we are becoming accustomed to? Insects ...

Lyme Disease for one which is very serious. I've had clients who unknowingly suffer with symptoms until proper diagnosis is found and treated. Find out if the area you plan to visit, or live in, could increase your chances of contracting Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease: Inside America's Mysterious Epidemic - An unprecedented outbreak is expected this summer   Rolling Stone - June 27, 2017

Mosquito bites in many areas are not the swelling you remember but are often welts that can take over a week to heal. Then there's Zika Virus

There's also bed bugs affecting large cities in summer - hotels, movie theaters, other public areas.

  Bee, wasp venom shortage could be dangerous for those with allergies   CNN - June 27, 2017

5 Worrying Bug Bites & How to Treat Them

Insect bites and stings   Wikipedia

Remember When ... With Joe Biden, 74

Making a Splash: Joe Biden Returns to His Old Lifeguard Chair   NBC - June 27, 2017

When I was growing up we didn't have a community pool just the Atlantic Ocean, the
beach, lifeguards, and fireworks every Tuesday night as one strolled along the boardwalk.

My Grandson Matthew (blue shirt) and his friends bid farewell to Middle School

This week Matthew is at basketball camp. The next two weeks he has a job at a camp teaching sports to little kids.

After that he's enrolled in cooking school for one week. Not sure what comes after that.

On July 29 Matthew turns 14

The "Mitzvah Bus" and The Car Incident

In Our Crazy World ... Artist's Iconic 'Mitzvah Bus' Burns In Crown Heights  
Forward.com - June 26, 2017

Tragedy affecting the Hasidac Community in Monsey, NY

  Driver Arrested After Car Crashes Into Mom, 3 Kids Along Busy Rockland County Road  
NBC - June 27, 2017