Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday in the news

  France election: Macron party set for big parliamentary win   BBC - June 12, 2017

  Russia cloud settles in over Trump's White House   CNN - June 12, 2017

Melania Trump and son Barron move into the White House   BBC - June 12, 2017
The move will also no doubt be welcomed by New Yorkers, who have footed a hefty security bill keeping the First Family safe in Trump Tower.

  The Penguins became the first repeat Stanley Cup champions in the salary cap era on Sunday night, thanks to Hornqvist's goal with 95 seconds left for a 2-0 win over the Nashville Predators in Game 6   NBC - June 12, 2017

  Rafael Nadal celebrating his French Open victory in Paris on Sunday. He became the first player in modern tennis to win 10 Grand Slam singles titles at the same tournament   ESPN - June 12, 2017

Travel Plans

Wednesday, I travel to Florida for a reunion with my High School girlfriends while staying with George in his new condo in Ft. Lauderdale. I know this isn't the best month to go to there but the opportunity presented itself ... when all of my friends will be in town ... meaning along the east coast of Florida ... and considering our age ... and the algorithm of reality cycling down ... you never know ... so why not have a reunion now. Actually the reunion theme is very prevalent with friends, family, clients, and perhaps in your life these days as all things come full circle.

You know I hate heat, but it's probably going to be hotter here than in Florida. The good news is, the temperature will drop when I arrive home. The weather service is calling this the second 2017 heat wave in the city, temperatures in the 90s. I never forget how blessed I am to be able to stay cool in my air-conditioned apartment, looking out over the water, no matter what the weather, and feel inspired. It takes me back to the day I found my way here after my apartment stayed vacant for nine months ... waiting for me. Is that a birth joke? Maybe on some level.

Ellie Revisits the Holographic Universe and Finds Herself Trapped in the Matrix

A message given to Ellie at age 11 has brought to her this point in her journey.

Posted on Facebook by my friend Gail who gets that we're in the Matrix.

She wrote: Ellie I started to listen to this and it happened again like it did with the Tesla video. This time I stopped it and took a photo.

Just after I posted on YouTube, I decided to watch TV. My DVR is set to record The X-Files, though I never know which episode until I check later. This episode, called Biogenesis, holds many memories for me, most importantly the scene at the end where Scully goes to the Ivory Coast, is met but locals who take her to the ocean where she stands there in amazement as the water washes the sand away to reveal a UFO. This is also the episode with Mulder and Scully are in the elevator, she's talking to him but he can't hear her, because of the presence of an alien artifact that contains information on human genetics.