Sunday, June 11, 2017


This is a busy week as I travel to Florida for a reunion with my High School girlfriends while staying with George in his new condo in Ft. Lauderdale. I know this isn't the best month to go to there but the opportunity presented itself ... when all of my friends will be in town ... meaning along the east coast of Florida ... and considering our age ... and the algorithm of reality cycling down ... you never know ... so why not have a reunion now. Actually, the reunion theme is very prevalent with friends, family, and clients, these days as all things come full circle for closure. You know, I hate heat but it's probably going to be hotter here than in Florida. The good news is, the temperature will drop when I arrive home. The weather service is calling this the second 2017 heat wave in the city, temperatures in the 90s. I never forget how blessed I am to be able to stay cool in my air-conditioned apartment, looking out over the water, no matter what the weather, and feel inspired. It takes me back to the day I found my way here, after my apartment stayed vacant for nine months ... waiting for me. Is that birth joke? Maybe on some level.

Let's go to Saturday's Belmont Stakes, here in the city. I forgot to mention that I bet on a one-eyed horse named Patch who didn't win, but I made a little money when he came in third.

Tonight is about the Tony Awards, definitely worth recording if you won't be home to watch the show. I love Broadway ... grew up with it as did my children. Nikki and Ryan are taking the boys to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when they finish school this month. Did you know Cher is coming to Broadway in 2018?

On the political front, I'm on a media break this weekend while reading clients though .... yesterday, I read lawyer in London named Mary, age 40. After her reading, we talked about politics and the social climate there and in the US. Neither country is in favor of their current leadership and like most of us she realizes things have to play out. She found me through her boyfriend who works in media and reads Crystalinks. He sent her to one of the most popular files - The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Funny how people still love that file first posted in 1995.

I hope to have time for another video blog before or between clients. The topic ... Ellie thinking ...