Friday, August 4, 2017

Trumps Returning to NYC

Trump is about shiny objects a.k.a. diversions

As if we don't have enough going on with Mercury about to go retrograde and two eclipses ... Donald Trump and entourage return to the city much to the dismay of New Yorkers and other visitors. I am told they will be here until August 20th the day before the much anticipated Solar Eclipse. Not to defend Trump, but if he considers the White House a dump, he has a right to his opinion. As I've learned visiting so many places in this lifetime - people have different tastes in decor - from minimalism to luxury living. It all depends on your point of view. To me it's not about the decor but about the views. The nicest homes seem to overlook bodies of water, nature, large cities, and more. The view makes the statement and with a bit of feng shui, creates balance. When you look at modern offices, old style walls and doors have given way to glass with a view. I love the look. The more open the happier I am.

  White House set for renovations as Trump takes first vacation   ABC - August 4, 2017
President Trump and White House staff are set to clear out of the West Wing for several weeks for some much-needed repairs to the building. Work has already begun on White House grounds to replace the 27-year-old heating and cooling system, the second stage of a renovation that started under the Obama administration. Decorating the White House: What the Trumps Can and Can't Do. Trump denies he called White House a dump.

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