Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Yesterday, I tried very hard not to blog about the chaos at the White House, posting summer pics and having lunch with a friend at a local marina on another gorgeous day in the city. In my heart I knew Trump drama would prevail and so it did an hour later when Scaramucci was out as Communications Director ten days after he was hired - a record even for Trump. So Trump screwed the Mooch. Scaramucci's demise was not exactly a shocker after his vulgar rants but is it also showing us that time is accelerating? What Really Happened to Anthony Scaramucci Much of the media is keeping track of the comings and goings in the Trump administration ... and the list will grow. General Kelly has been tasked with bringing order to the West Wing, although his predecessor, Reince Priebus, had also been given assurances of control before he was fired. To be continued ...

Historic Heat Arriving This Week in Pacific Northwest

Forecasters and health officials pleaded with residents of the Pacific Northwest to get ready for a week of scorching weather, fretting that triple-digit temperatures could pose a significant risk in the usually cool region. The National Weather Service pulled no punches, saying Monday that coastal Washington, Oregon and Northern California should expect "the hottest and longest period of very hot weather in some years." Excessive heat warnings were in effect across the region through Friday as forecasters said high temperatures on Thursday would likely top the record for any day of 107 degrees in Portland, Ore., and could approach the record of 103 in Seattle.

August has arrived and it will not be quiet. Remember what's ahead this month
lunar and solar eclipses as well as Mercury Retrograde. Make no hasty decisions.

Lunar and Solar Eclipses in August
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Mercury will be retrograde during this window - August 12 - September 5, 2017.