Sunday, August 6, 2017

Usain Bolt

I watched Usain Bolt's allegedly last solo run yesterday on TV - and I have to tell you the man looked exhausted - even a 31. He seems to need a vacation from practices and workouts taking personal time to live his life. That he may returnin a few years is possible because he is young. Many athletes have comebacks - some successful some not - but this guy is a champ no matter where life takes him next.

  World Championships 2017: Usain Bolt beaten by Justin Gatlin in 100m final   BBC - August 6, 2017

World Leaders on Vacation

Trump (in NJ) and Putin (in Siberia) are on vacation at the same time. Does this mean a reprieve from their mutual dramas? Don't bet on it as this week unfolds. It's just a timeout to relax and strategize their next moves. Let's all take a vacation from them.

August 6, 2017

Psychic Day is a day set aside to give people the opportunity to hone their
psychic abilities. Its origin dates back to nineteenth century England.

Reading With Ellie

August 6, 1928 - February 22, 1987

Andy Warhol

  Andy Warhol Google Videos

Andy Warhol was an American artist who became a central figure in the movement known as pop art. After a successful career as a commercial illustrator, Warhol became famous worldwide for his work as a painter; an avant-garde filmmaker, a record producer, an author and a public figure known for his presence in wildly diverse social circles that included bohemian street people, distinguished intellectuals, Hollywood celebrities and wealthy aristocrats.

In the future everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame.

Andy Warhol Quotes 1

Andy Warhol Quotes 2

On August 6, 1994 Medium John Edward and I channeled Andy Warhol at Serendipity,
one of Andy's favorite hangouts in the city. Speaking of fame - this gig got John and I
honorable mention in the NY Times as on we went to help others and become famous.