Tuesday, December 12, 2017


It's showtime in Alabama when we see what the country is really made of. They say the election will be close, the winner replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions. If Roy Moore represents a democratic society, then something is very wrong that goes beyond the realms of reason. But you know that, as you watch the results unfold based on your beliefs systems. The results could (will probably) alter the balance of power in the Senate ahead of next year's mid-term Congressional elections. A Moore win will be a victory for Trump and the Republicans, who currently hold just a two-seat Senate majority. While it is already difficult to pass legislation in the Senate, losing another seat would be a blow for Trump, as approval must be reached by the majority of voting members.

  5 things to watch in Alabama's Senate election   CNN - December 12, 2017

This 12.12 marks the 17th anniversary of my meeting in Egypt with Sherif on 12.12.00. My friend Irene, who was part of that journey, always remembers our time there and emails or calls me. Monday morning, I called Sherif in Philadelphia to tell him about the Port Authority bombing. It took us back to the day I called him describing unfolding events on 9/11. At the time he was due to lecture in Stanford University and I was to go with him, but Z kept warning me to stay home. So I did.

Chanukah Begins at Sundown as we Light the First Candle

In recent years, each night of Chanukah, I light the electric menorah in the lobby of my building. My neighbor Jenna took the pic above on Sunday. Do I believe? As a child I celebrated Chanukah and Christmas and believed in Santa. The same was true with my children growing up. Today ... I just enjoy the energies of being with people who believe that religion is real, not a myth, and hope 2018 will bring a brighter future.

Recently, my three daughters and I were remembering the years I used to buy each grandchild a bag of gold covered chocolate - Hanukkah gelt that the children loved. Update to December 2017 .... The kids are old enough to talk about Bitcoins, working out, and tech gifts. (Grandma counting her gelt ... Oy Vey). Menorah Moments ... Nikki lights wax Chanukah candles each night with her children, who recite the prayers, having attended Hebrew school. Tracy has an electric menorah, and Zsia doesn't celebrate.

December 12, 1531

12/12 is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe when an Apparition of Mother Mary appeared to Juan Diego near Mexico City on December 9, 1531. The Virgin told Juan Diego to gather flowers from the top of Tepeyac Hill, where he found Castilian roses, not native to Mexico, blooming in December on the normally barren hilltop. The Virgin arranged the flowers in his tilma or cloak. When Juan Diego opened his cloak before Bishop Zumarraga on December 12, the flowers fell to the floor. On the fabric was the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The Script and The Formula

Screenplays mirror life in that they always follow a specific formula or algorithm. The average script changes every 30 minutes just as life changes after a specific number of years based on the length of time a person will live and their programming. If I could create a perfect ending for everyone I would. Perhaps that is the final moment when reality Fades to Black and we all become enlightened. When that happens, some say we will laugh. Some believe we will cry. Others believe we will move beyond the emotions that seems to important as we experience in physical reality and embrace consciousness in ways we do not understand in physical reality - third dimension - our three Act Play.

I've been watching some of the 2017 Hallmark Christmas movies that connect for those who believe in meeting The One and living happily ever after. As a romantic I embrace the premise but after a lifetime on planet Earth, I know it's not always realistic. Lucky are those who find love, are mentally balanced, and achieve happiness in their experience here. For most souls, reality here is about challenges faced day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year. We need Hallmark moments to experience vicariously, opening the heart and connecting emotionally. Each year we all become a little more pragmatic knowing that neither Santa nor any other magical (religious) icon we have been taught to believe in, is going to come along and fix things. It's not the formula in physical reality.

Try to image what's beyond this limited formula ...

Close your eyes ... Stretch your consciousness to it's max ...

Go beyond and see ...

December 12, 1915 - May 14, 1998

Frank Sinatra

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Francis Sinatra was an award winning
American singer and film actor.
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Cock your hat ... Angles are attitudes.

I'm not one of those complicated, mixed-up cats.
I'm not looking for the secret to life.
I just go on from day to day, taking what comes.

I'm gonna live till I die.

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When you can't be there ... John's Holiday Decorations

John's 2017 Christmas Tree is made from a bamboo pyramid and decorations

My friend John, in Cortez, Florida, shared his Christmas lights and decorations with me via FaceTime. He invited me to spend Christmas with him, but nothing in me wants to travel during this holiday season. There's just too much chaos, or maybe I'm just getting old. For now I'll just settle for FaceTime. Here's a few of the pics he sent to share with you.