Friday, December 15, 2017

From Different Perspectives

I took a pic from Rachel's show last night, as she and I watch people the White House has lost in 2017 (not by death but by Trump). There will be more ... until there are none ... keep counting Rachel. Also, make sure to count the number of Congressmen and Senators that "elect" not to run again. Questions have arisen about the passing of the latest version of the terrible tax bill as some senators have issues with it (as do most Americans who somewhat understand it), the fate of Paul Ryan in Congress (has he had enough of ....?), Net Neutrality, the spreading wildfires in California now the 4th largest in the state's history, and more.

Here in the city, snow returns today as holiday season rolls on with a little more than two weeks remaining in 2017 as people scramble with year-end issues.

December 15, 2017

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day