Thursday, April 12, 2018

Out of Washington this Week

Mark Zuckerberg testified before congress - many stories be they real, fake, diversions or something else. Nothing is safe. Zuckerberg admitted Facebook collects data from people who haven't even signed up. He overused this phrase, "I'll have my team get back to you."

Paul Ryan announced he will retire from politics to spend more time with his family when his term ends in 2019. Few believe that is the only reason. The Democrats now have a good shot at taking control of the House.

Trump ... the Mueller investigation ... and his personal affairs. Soap opera stuff for those following the road to impeachment.

Could the Syrian war lead to a US-Russia conflict? This is most serious as the US weighs military response over Syrian chemical attack as France's President Macron says he has proof. I don't see WWIII. Still lingering is the connection between Trump and Putin.

April 12, 2018

Today is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. There are so many things you can do to make it interesting for yourself and others - especially children. A friend adds mayonnaise to the bread before grilling. Gooey cheese is what inspires.

Reality Check

Is time slowing down or accelerating for you or does
it feel "right" as your brain processes linear time?

As you look at the vertical line,
is it going clockwise or counterclockwise?

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt continues to fascinate.

What secret about reality will ultimately be discovered there?

For today ...

Has Tutankhamun's tragic teenage wife been found? Documentary on the dig for the body of Ankhesenamun who 'married her father, her grandfather and her half-brother' could reveal new clues   Daily Mail - April 11, 2018

Nubian Stone Tablets Unearthed in African 'City of the Dead'   Live Science - April 11, 2018