Monday, April 2, 2018

Romancing the Snow

Romance is all about the kiss. With the right
person it melts the heart and addresses the soul.

If you look at the pic for Michael Fassbender's birthday quote above ... he is standing in the snow talking about a kiss and love. I can't say the same for us folks across the country as I sit here watching snow fall in April. There is no love ... I would like to kiss it all good-bye. Luckily the snow stops later and melts away like a tender embrace (whoops ... wrong blog for romance).


Just as I predicted in my blogs "Tiangong-1: Crash or Splash" the answer was the Pacific Ocean - Tiangong-1: Defunct China space lab comes down over South Pacific. There were so many populated areas predicted, including NYC, where toxins could later cause damage, and yet I never saw any of that. It's all about the Pacific Plate.

Monday Night: Villanova vs. Michigan

Though I have no preference, and don't play the brackets, I'll go with Michigan.

National Championship Game

San Antonio - National championship game the culmination of compelling journeys for stars on Villanova, Michigan - Is there a better way to finish such an uproarious season? Is this a swell last chapter, or what? A Villanova team that has shot its way through the NCAA tournament with all five victories by 12 or more points, and a Michigan team that has not lost since Feb. 6. Hot vs. hotter. Only, which is which?

April 2, 2018

World Autism Awareness Day

Crystalinks Autism Articles