Wednesday, May 2, 2018

2018 ...
What we have come to expect

Years ago political dramas were encountered from time to time ... until Trump. Social media and the Internet make access to information - real or fake - a daily soap opera filled with endless bad actors. I used to enjoy good political dramas on TV because the performers were worth watching. Now, when the first scene opens, and I see the set-ups for the episode, I delete. It's as if my brain doesn't want to deal with political rhetoric, how people do favors to get things done, and all that goes with it.

As all things in the equation merge, conspiracy theories have become part of the daily equation along with the age old quest to unravel truth which forever seems to elude us or reprograms ... focus ... it's more busy work. Does it seem to you that these quirks/quarks in the simulation are happening much faster now? They are.

Violence by teens and young adults has also become part of the human experience as we discover how mentally unstable people are. You already knew that but there are millions of people, in different cultures, who consider that the norm and are just waking up to the fact that people are crazy and out-of-control. Lester Holt did a piece last night about 1 in 5 children having mental illness and what is being done to recognize and treat them. It was told from his perspective and that of three teenagers who suffer from depression. It's all genetic as people with personality disorders raise children barely able to cope with their own issues. This goes to self-medication in the form of substance and other abuses. This type of genetically predisposed patterning results in the creation of humankind time bombs that will go postal and kill others. Mass shootings used to be few and far between. Now they have become a pattern that we stop to look at it only for a moment in our busy days.

Most of us have come to except extreme weather and natural disasters depending where you live. No one is exempt from what is coming, often out of the blue much like the ending of the simulation. Once looked upon as occasional destructive influences, these changes are here to shaken and awaken - and they too are accelerating exponentially. This week the city has gone from the 40's to the 80's literally overnight. We really do need spring to create balance internally and externally but all those days have dwindled to a sacred few. I'm out again today with friends to embrace the energies.

Today only professional photographers carry cameras and other equipment. Today most of us have cell phones that take incredible pictures and videos. May is Photo Month so get out there, choice your subject and create a photo shoot of your own.