Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fleet Week

Every year I enjoy watching the parade of ships sailing under the Verrazano Bridge as Fleet Week begins. It's fun and signals the start of Memorial Day Weekend. This year things don't feel the same and they shouldn't. Maybe its the weird weather that is programmed to happen in this timeline, which makes everything seem surreal at times. Or maybe it has to do with the hologram exposing itself for those who see beyond the illusion. We're all coming at this from a different perspective but it's nothing more than our eyes looking out and the chemicals in the brain processing what they see. It sounds a lot like Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality as we understand it at this level of consciousness.

I've been really busy with clients who are trying to make sense of the energetic changes they are experiencing which have nothing to do with the political climate. Speaking of which ... I've had my fill of Trump and haven't been following what's going on for weeks. There continues to be too many conspiracy theories which may or may not have merit. I don't feel connected to sifting through the rhetoric to find out what's really going on because the truth is never given. In recent months people have mentioned concepts such as the electric universe, something called the Q phenomenon, and other recycled things that are more busy work and I would rather play.

On a positive note people are opening to Simulation Theory as reality is reaching its end point - no date given - just trust it. Conversations also go to AI and where we're going as a human experiment. We're not chasing the things we used to in metaphysics, like moving physically into higher dimensions, etc. We're becoming more realistic about what the future holds if anything. We are evolving out of here. Like Lady Liberty who sits in the harbor just outside my window - Freedom really is just ahead. Wait for it.

Fleet Week NYC - May 23-29, 2018