Friday, May 11, 2018

Linda Moulton Howe
AI and Alien Agendas

I was going to see Linda Moulton Howe in Manhattan Thursday night, but due to stormy weather in the city I watched her lecture live on YouTube. For someone with my background, experiences, and ongoing research, there were things that connected and confirmed my personal agenda ... so not much new info. The dots connect with the Anunnaki (see below) linked to the end of the simulation. Prior to the lecture I posted about AI and the passing of author Brad Steiger. (see below) Someone asked Linda if she thinks Trump has the info about aliens passed on from the time of Ronald Reagan. She was interrupted before she could answer. One day Trump will bring it ... on that day the hologram will close.

For those who fear a takeover by robots (AI) - this drama - linked to alien tech - is allegedly happening. Thought leaders like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking fear and believe that AI can lead to anything sinister that you might envision, which could include destruction of the human race. From the perspective that humans are a biological experiment that is evolving out of existence, that makes sense on some level.

There are many conspiracy theories as to alien agendas merging science and sci-fi - science and pseudoscience - physics and metaphysics. I hate secrets but the algorithm of reality runs on them. As events play out in the simulation and things get more bizarre during grid collapse - expect all kinds of wild theories every few months ... though now it's down to every few weeks. The way you are programmed will determine how you view all of what's going on. At the end of the day, it will all fade to black. It is only then we will understand ...

AI regulation will be light, says White House   c/Net - May 10, 2018