Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are climate changes
driving you crazy?

Get used to it...

I spoke with guy friends in Florida, both in the Gulf Coast area (Tampa) and south along the coast (Miami and Ft. lauderdale). They all report rain and more rain and cleaning windows a total waste of time.

Over in Rochester, Minnesota, a reader of this blog send email that schools were closed due to snow - a first for May. Did you ever feel you have enough snow to last a lifetime?

What's up in the north east? We've had so much drama centered around climate changes in recent months. It's a pleasure to have one nice day after another before the heat and humidity set in next month. But ... as things start to bloom ... along with that comes allergy season ... and everywhere people are sneezing, coughing, and scratching. You don't have to have allergies ... it's just in the air ... every spring bringing new pollutants to make people cranky and uncomfortable. Did you ever get the feeling you were allergic to this reality?

Remember John who I had so much fun with traveling around southern CA last December? He lives in Florida and is planning a cross-country trip this summer to visit his children and just have fun. Last night, we talked about me joining him for part of the trip, but as I am not a hot weather person, and the summers get intensely hot, not to mention the unexpected weather patterns, I declined. Have fun, John! For now, I'm home.