Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Roller Coaster Metaphor

We ride the roller coaster, until it's over and consciousness flows back into the sea.

Life, as you know, is a roller coaster ride, having its up and downs and challenges at every turn. Sometimes the ride (one's life) gets washed away into the sea of the collective unconsciousness from which it arose.

The number of people who are burned out, and generally tired, is increasing as quickly as the pollen levels. Things just don't seem to work for many people these days, though they try to make it so. I've never heard so many people complaining about life, as I have this week. This also affects sleep patterns and eating habits. The cause could be any number of things from climate, allergies, emotional problems, out of control finances, feeling a loss of power, the eclipse energies (May 9 & May 25), the program closing, and on and on.

It's as if everyone wants to retire or at least take 6 months off and play. I suppose a well needed summer break or vacation helps, but does it really resolve issues?

People who have lived off their assets seem to be running out of money and are not sure what comes next as they don't want to work ... that is, if they can even find employment. This also goes to their programmed need to only work, if they are passionate about the work and it makes a difference.

Teachers reaching the end of the school year want to get out of the "system". Yes ... it's true .. systems don't work .. they never did ... were programmed to failure.

Speaking of teachers and education ... did you know that Cursive Writing is being phased out of the education system? Cursive writing dates back to ancient times and scripts ... and like everything else in the program is being deleted. Many ancient scripts flowed into each other and soon they will all flow into the sea. Automatic writing is an endless flow of connected characters and lines that are created by the mind of the author.

The image above was posted Tuesday May 14, 2013 with the following blurb .... "Workers are set to begin demolishing perhaps the most famous symbol of Superstorm Sandy's devastation along New Jersey's shoreline. They'll be taking apart the remnants of a roller coaster that plunged off an amusement pier into the ocean during the storm. By this time next week, it will be gone." New York Times Photos Prince Harry and Governor Christie visited the area on Tuesday.

May 15-26, 2013

Cannes Film Festival Website

Steven Spielberg is the jury President of the 66th Festival de Cannes.

66th Cannes Film Festival 2013

  Great Gatsby to kick off Cannes Film Festival   BBC - May 15, 2013

Founded in 1946 the Cannes Film Festival previews new films
of all genres, including documentaries, from around the world.

Quote by Spielberg, "My admiration for the steadfast mission of the Festival to champion the international language of movies is second to none. The most prestigious of its kind, the festival has always established the motion picture as a cross cultural and generational medium."