Friday, May 17, 2013

Travel Plans

With summer just ahead, I have received email ads about metaphysical and healing retreats over the next few months. I don't promote these ventures, but they might be worth searching for, if you find one that matches your interests. Sharing with those of like mind can be beneficial, if only a temporary fix.

Many of the travel agencies that offered metaphysical trips to power sites in the past are gone ... still there are interesting places to explore ... just be careful where you go based on climate, natural disasters, disease, and the like. If you can't afford the expensive trip, plan something simple, for that too could work.

You travel to awaken something within, to stir your soul, to relax your mind and find some sort of meaning to the madness. You sense great change. You know the hologram doesn't work and anticipate its demise or evolution. Are you running away from, or towards something, or are you just going in endless circles?