Monday, May 13, 2013

The Last Drop

Many of Crystalinks' long-time advertisers are closing their businesses - most of which sell a self-help system in one form or another. True, we will forever remain in healing mode for that is our programming, but the energies are evolving, especially for those who already "get it" and have moved on to waiting mode.

When I search for the metaphysical websites of days gone by, to see what other researchers are reporting, the websites are either gone, or there is little new to report as consciousness moves on, their statements having been made. I suppose you could say the same for Crystalinks, as my message about reality and time as an illusion within a consciousness hologram of sorts - has been stated and restated - yet each day there seems to be something new to blog.

Friends who look at some of the more popular metaphysical and conspiracy speakers on YouTube, and their current predictions and theories, say it's more of the same and total speculation. There will always be dates for end times that never happen, because it's not the world that's ending, but consciousness in the hologram as it returns to light.

Can you imagine parallel timelines and the endless number of people all aware of closure and trying to figure things out in time, when time does not exist, so everyone is wrong, as the imaginary clock ticks away to zero "0" - the place you observe this reality.

TV series like "Ancient Aliens" were timed to allow consciousness to explore the potential of visitors who came from above to create new biogenetic experiments in which they could interact and explore humans and their emotions, visiting from time to time, deleting outdated programs, and creating something new. These series have explored the connections between what goes on in our reality and those from above. With the help of updated technologies, graphics and special effects, we got it - or some of it.

So what's next? This takes us back to Metaphysics 101 ... souls waking-up and getting the illusion. How far back did you figure that out? Remember the day you had that special dream, event, or epiphany about your journey here having greater meaning and purpose and what followed? You can never go back down the rabbit hole after that. You just move forward like Alice, until you wake up and realize it was all just a dream. Tick tock ...

Do you think there are other signposts along the road that will bring your consciousness closer to closure? There's nothing like a good metaphor to make my day ... or something "Earth shattering" that allows me to see how others around the world are "getting it".

Last week in Washington, D.C., once again researchers tried to bring to light alien-human interaction on the planet in modern times and cover-ups that should now be made public. It's like wondering why the three woman who were finally rescued in Cleveland last week didn't escape earlier. The answers are fear and programming in the hologram. Your power ends where your fear begins - to quote Barbara Marciniak. Some things - or should I say most things - make no sense anymore. Secrecy always perpetuates the games in every realm of our experiences - including the way many people live their daily lives. It's not your fault. It's just the way you were programmed.

This morning on the news, it was announced that Barbara Walters would retire in the summer of 2014 at age 84. She was quoted as saying, "I looked forward to sitting on a sunny field and watching the men and women who follow in my footsteps."

It reminded me of the wonderful Mother's Day I had with family in New Jersey on Sunday ... sitting outside on a gorgeous day playing with my grandchildren and thinking ... was I ready to do this full time? The answers came quickly ... No. My family all work and have their social lives in all age groups, and that is as it should be. I simply am not ready to retire, my business busier than ever and the feeling of moving towards closure of the hologram, more pronounced each day.

From the mouths of babes ... My oldest grandson Michael, 15, made an interesting comment when I asked him about a client's son, John, age 17 who refuses to do his homework or much of anything. Michael, an honor student and top athlete, looked at me and said about John ... "He's just burned out. People just burn out at any age."

We all know people who are burning out - perhaps you are as you sit there reading this and ponder about the end of this reality as we know it, at this level of consciousness. All things have a time and a space. All things have a beginning and an end. We do with it as we are programmed and hope for the best as we attract experience after experience ....

Someone in my workshop last month asked if perhaps I was sensing my own death and closure here. I explained ... as Ellie Crystal, I died several times in the past 70 years and still get rebooted back into the program each time ... so the answer is NO. I know why I am here ... how the program runs ... and like the water shimmering in the bottle of Poland Spring in front of me as I sit here typing ... it moves until the last drop is gone.