Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Memos

For those who watch the TV show Touch - tonight is the series finale after two seasons. FOX cancelled the show yesterday. I guess we'll never know what happens to The 36, unless you are one of the real 36.

There are many series wrapping their season in May - a great time to watch TV or record for future reference. In Person of Interest - Harold set The Machine free. Now what will it do? Remember ... it is watching you ... :)

The Human Factor ... recovery ... new code ... a chance to move on from your old life into something new. ... But ... it is all part of the illusion. Just ask The Machine.

Two weeks ago, I met a woman at my workshop who lives in Staten Island. She lost almost everything during hurricane Sandy. Since then I read clients from the Rockaways and Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn. These are all strong people in the process of rebuilding. One man had a sad story about being charged for an electric bill after his home burned down.

Ohio ... the facts about the hostages are still coming in and will for weeks. The only explanation is that this is all programmed experience. Sylvia Browne was wrong in saying the girls were dead. She played the odds. I was never involved in those investigations.

You know how people often have a song in their head that they sing or hum from time to time. What about the sounds they make while working. Never noticed them? Perhaps you are one of those people. Pay attention when others use sounds while processing information and trying to figure things out ... I noticed that men do this more.

Is something bugging you? This season it might be the cicadas also known as locusts. They look scary to me. Remember a few months ago when they were in Egypt and Israel? If rodents and other insects are headed your way - there are plug-in repellents that plug into wall sockets and keep them away. They can found in most hardware stores. I learned about them years ago when we had some mice in my building after the restaurant downstairs was renovated. They really work. One of my neighbors lived in Battery Park City when 9/11 happened. He said the streets looked like a moving river there were so many rodents. Yuch!

The women I read in recent months often talk about having to walk away from dysfunctional adult children who are tearing everyone's lives apart. We are not all suited to deal with the fallout of the emotional illness and substance abuse without paying a price many can't afford. But we are equipped to discover and understand the genetics - and/or abuse - that created the behavior. Guilt is a powerful emotion that goes with fear and anxiety.

What was the nature of the relationship between your mother and her mother? Who has the strongest emotional problems in your family?

Describe your mother in One Word.

When Michael Jackson died, I was hoping the children would go to live with their mother Debbie Rowe, but instead they were awarded to the Jackson family - one of the most money driven group of people I have ever encountered. Time has passed. In 2012, there was a family scandal about who gets control of the children and their assets in which I actually followed Paris Jackson's tweets for a while - again hoping she would find her way to her mother. These days, it would seem Paris is ready to move on with her mom and away from the Jackson dramas - which continue to this day both in and out of court. I don't believe Michael fathered any of the three children, whether he had sex or not. I believe there was an issue for him and he was not capable of fathering a child, or perhaps not having sex with a woman, no matter what anyone says. These kids need a normal life, if possible ... perhaps Paris leads the way for her brothers. We are all burned out on Jackson dramas.

Happy Mother's Day Paris and Debbie ...
Paris Jackson to move in with birth mum   MSN.NZ - May 9, 2013