Friday, November 28, 2014

Hello and Welcome to my
Thanksgiving Blog

I had the most amazing Thanksgiving in Westport yesterday. Because of the bad weather on Wednesday I decided I would take Metro-North up to Nikki and Ryan's house on Thursday morning. Along the way I sat next to an actress with interests in nutrition who happens to live with a man who worked with Nikki remaining close friends over the years. She sat down next to me, not by accident, and it wasn't long before we started to talk only to discover our connection. She texted her boyfriend and I texted Nikki ... soon we were all talking on our one hour train ride to Westport.

Our family reunion was filled with the laughter of children, preparing the dinner, great food, visits by neighbors and friends, and of course a game of football in the backyard, and sports on TV. I had a ride home topping off a beautiful perfect day. When you think about the troubles in the world, I have much to be grateful for in 2014. I took a few photos and posted them here. I hope you are enjoying your holiday. As to Black Friday ... I hope you find some great bargains if venturing out.