Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Week Blogs

Which direction are you going?

It's Thanksgiving week as people travel, plans are made, reunions are had, many battle the climate, holiday bargains are everywhere, and more. There's celebrations, entertainment, football, and hopefully something for each of my readers to be thankful for.

Ferguson Decision: It won't be a happy thanksgiving for many who feel passionate about the death of Michael Brown and the grand jury's verdict. Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend, and this was the verdict we both predicted though many people already knew what was going to happen and braced for impact. This will have its moment in history and hopeful will result in needed changes. The legal system doesn't always work. Watching local updates... What we're seeing if civil unrest and part of end times.

  Ferguson decision: Ruling sparks night of violence   BBC - November 25, 2014

Injustice: Bill Cosby is guilty and more women will come forward. Some of his victims may already be deceased. This will also ripple to incidents by other men that went unreported for a long time and now women will speak up and others will follow. Isn't it interesting how the hologram still allows people to ignore what Cosby has done and attend his. That won't last long. It's all about timing.

Travel Chaos: For many parts of the country, the weather takes center Wednesday as people face the chaos of holiday travel. Be safe. Watching local updates.

Job Chaos: Workers everywhere are finding their situation no longer makes sense for any number of reasons. This has existed for a long time, but now people are losing it. Is anything about most work situations just and fair or functional? No, and it's a domino effect. When one aspect of a work situation doesn't work, everything around it breaks down.

Talk TV this week: Lots of cooking everywhere - most geared towards Thanksgiving. How to pass the time if unemployed ... If you live in and around the city ... try visiting some of the local talk shows. One of my clients has a friend who will be part of a food segment on the Meredith Vieira Show Wednesday.

Football: The Giants lost Sunday and the Jets Monday night. Not a great year for football if you're a NY fan. Best catch ever: Giants' Odell Beckham Jr. makes incredible one-handed touchdown catch (Watch the video)