Thursday, November 13, 2014

MS Quantum of the Seas

Jack, my friend and neighbor, loves to sail the seas on luxury cruise lines. In recent years he has taken 5 cruises in as many years. Most of us know cruise ships have not had a good reputation as of late due to health and sanitary issues. But alas Jack is preparing to set sail November 18th on an amazing new ship the MS Quantum of the Seas. He emailed that there are so many great new features he didn't know where to start. Best of all was the Wifi which means a lot in today's world, especially for Jack as he is a businessman. Bon voyage!

With 16 public decks and room for nearly 5,000 passengers, Royal Caribbean's new Quantum of the Seas is the third largest cruise ship ever built and boasts such groundbreaking features as a deck-top ride into the sky and a bar with robot bartenders.

The only kind of ship I would fantasize about today is a spaceship - and I don't mean the limited ones we send into space - but more of the sci-fi kind.

Humans have always sailed the seas from the time the first floating vessels ignited wanderlust in ancient seafarers. Maritime history

Back in the day people enjoyed gambling and adventures on Steamboats which have an interesting history.

November 14, 1765 - February 24, 1815

Robert Fulton

  Robert Fulton Google Videos


Robert Fulton was an American engineer and
inventor who is widely credited with developing
the first commercially successful steamboat.

Steamboat adventures brought good fortune to some but trials and tribulations to others.

Robert Fulton

October 28, 1943 - The Alleged Philadelphia Experiment

It altered the timelines in more ways than most people know, but was all part of the experiment.

Space agency releases first picture from comet   PhysOrg - November 13, 2014


Hopefully discoveries made here will answer questions about the origins of many things on planet Earth.

Panspermia and Exogenesis