Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Memos

If you love organic and Whole Foods but find it pricey ..
Whole Foods to name new 'streamlined' chain 365   USA Today - June 11, 2015
Whole Foods Market said Thursday its new chain of lower-priced stores will be called "365 by Whole Foods Market," extending the private label brand already used in the stores. While releasing second-quarter earnings last month, Whole Foods announced a plan to shed its reputation as a seller of fresh but expensive foods by opening new stores that will stock lower-priced items for younger customers. The new stores will open next year.

Organic Farming Now More Profitable Than Conventional Farming, Study Finds   Epoch Times - June 11, 2015
There's good news for organic food lovers: Organic farming is now more profitable than conventional farming, and thus should be sustainable for the years to come, according to a recently published study by Washington State University researchers.

Out in farm country ... The hunt for the escaped convicts in upstate NY is coming to a close. Will the 2 men surrender or chose to be killed?

Is there anything you did this week that was out of character for you?

Pet Peeves on the Today Show: Drivers who drive slow in the left lane. I am a left lane driver. When slow driver don't move over, I blow my horn, turn my lights on and off, and if they still don't move right, I cut around and come up in front of them. Yes, I am an aggressive driver, not as much as in the past, but like to go quickly during the day. At night when visibility is poorer for most, I drive differently depending on weather and road conditions. Substance abuse is often higher at night. The aggressive drivers who want to on the road are out - so just I aways let them go by. I also have Z to guide and protect me. I never text and drive but will talk on the phone depending on the highway another cars around me. The older I get the less I talk and drive. I have to be stuck in traffic.

2015 Crop Circles Set to Music

Pontecurone, Alessandria, Italy. Reported June 7

Is that a real UFO?

Manton May 24 - Music Sounds Like "X-Files"

X-Files Miniseries started filming Monday in Vancouver.

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