Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Flip Side

Last week, I blogged about reading clients who are 26. On the flip-side, this week was about 62 year old clients and friends. At 62 one is interested in retirement, health, and what to do with the rest of their lives. Leaving a bad relationship is not always a financial and emotional option, but it does happen at 62. Finding love is still part of the equation for many who want to share their lives with someone kind and compassionate and hopefully attracted to as sex is far from over at that age. On the flip-side at 62 - there's no need to take on someone's issues. It's about finding soul purpose, balance and happiness.

The Flip Side can also refer to "The Other Side" our final destination outside of the hologram.

Brian Williams

Let's go to Brian Williams, 56, ... If we were to get rid of every elected official, leader of religious organizations, economic leaders, reporters, and others in authority who have lied or embellished their stories ... there would be no one left. Maybe that's how it should be. I record the NBC nightly news and watch it as time permits in the evening. Like millions of other Americans, I trusted Brian Williams, though I had no problem adjusting to Lester Holt. Brian's fate will keep him at the network after his six-month suspension ends in August but doing what?


Escaped prisoners Richard Matt and David Sweat from upstate NY have now separated. Authorities should look at their past associations for answers especially for David Sweat.

June 18 - July 17, 2015


  Ramadan 2015: Facts, History, Dates, Greeting And Rules About The Muslim Fast  
Huffington Post - June 16, 2015

For those who celebrate this month of prayer and fasting - stay healthy as fasting is not for everyone. Look at what is going on in the world of Islam and think about what really makes sense to you just as other religious communities should at this time when the face of religion - that imprisons more than emancipates souls - is changing. Never believe in nor worship false gods. They are not returning to save us. We are leaving.