Monday, June 1, 2015

Virginia Beach

Sunday was the day to visit Virginia beach. The weather was not as hot as predicted. It was sunny with little traffic, as we drove south on our next adventure. It would seem that no matter where we go, we always wind up strolling along the beach somewhere, be it here, in California, or Florida, our destinations so far.

Time spent walking along the boardwalk and beach was another adventure, including finding some cool Virginia Beach tourist items. John bought a cool tee-shirt, with a tie-dye Fibonacci pattern that matched his shorts perfectly, and as my luck continued on, I finally found my blue hobo bag – after the fiasco last month with Amazon.

Strolling along the boardwalk, we passed several seafood restaurants. In the evening, there was a live performance under the red tent by the country western band Alabama. Great show, if you're into Country Music and it seems that thousands of people are, including John and I.

Dolphins Tour

Our next adventure, something I had been waiting for, was a charter boat tour to see the sights along Virginia Beach and watch the dolphins. I only took one picture of them, but luckily that was enough to capture a group of five baby dolphins, as they momentarily rose from the water. To be honest, what I actually did was send them this telepathic message, "I'm only taking one picture so jump up ... and here we go." I guess they heard me. It really was very hard to capture them, as the boat started listing and bobbing, making it very difficult to hang on and grab a picture. The ride going out to sea was a bit choppy, but fun. I met some interesting people, especially 2 students from Germany who are here on holiday. We all had a lot of laughs. On the way back to the dock, the water got very choppy, the wind blowing, people holding onto the railings. It was all very humorous, but I have to admit at some point, my some stomach churned. The women running the tour said if anybody didn't feel well, they had meds, but I was really cool about the whole thing and in all, enjoyed the boat ride.

Association of Research and Enlightment

We also visited the A.R.E. Center. The energies there were very spiritual, especially upstairs in the meditation room where I "spoke" to Edgar Cayce. The message I left was simple. "May all those who meditate in this room remember who they are, why they are here, and where it is all going." I also asked Z to bring me a message about the end of the hologram. There was no reply, as I stood there, but my answer would soon be given.


I only bought one item ... a selenite crystal that spirals upward looking like the Tower of Babel, not a stupa, though both connect to the gods or ancient aliens.It was originally to be purchased by a woman from India who looked at me and said, "I think this belongs to you." It was the only crystal in the store that actually called me.

The final pictures we took on our adventure Sunday were on the staircase at A.R.E. First, I took a picture of John, then he took a picture of me. When we looked back to check the pictures ... as we drove away ... there was one extra picture taken after the picture of me, though John never took it. The picture was black and conveyed one simple message .. FADE TO BLACK. Thanks, Z, and Edgar Cayce, whose initials read like mine -- EC.