Sunday, May 31, 2015

Saturday Adventures

Saturday morning, we took a mini tour around Colonial Williamsburg.

John and I standing near a small tree, with obvious spirit energy around us.

This tree is associated with George Washington.
As we stood beside it we could feel his presence.
When we looked at the photos, there was George.
It reminds me of a blog I wrote links to the Freemasons
about the cutting of the Elm at Gisor.

Here we are at the Williamsburg Inn. Our tour guide once worked here and had the most interesting stories to share.

When we finished our mini tour ... I won an $85 VISA gift card.

As if guided, we were told to go to Yorktown about 30 minutes away.

It's an interesting drive on a highway made of small cobblestones.

We walked along the beach and the boardwalk stopping at an outdoor flea market followed by lunch at a pub then relaxing on the beach while enjoying the view.

Here, I am walking along a moving pier as a gusty wind created waves just near me.

Movie Time

In the evening, John and I went to see the movie San Andreas. The multiplex theater featured comfortable swivel chairs, with a little table in front so that you can order food or use it for anything you want.

The audience sat spellbound, as the film depicted what would happen if the San Andreas fault breached. A lot of the science was accurate, missing a few key points I've mentioned in past blogs ...

The San Andreas Fault goes all the way down to South America and up into Canada. Also, of note, in case you missed the memo ... if you have one tsunami, it is followed by another shortly there after. You probably already know when San Andreas goes the entire North American plate will be affected, which was mentioned in the film. It will start in the Pacific and accelerate globally as the tectonic plates are already broken and stressed ... now, that is an interesting metaphor for our reality.

The audience loved the movie, which acted as a trigger in lieu of current earth changes and natural disasters. John and I talked about the film for sometime after. What makes it so real is that it's real. Stayed tuned for more ...