Friday, May 29, 2015

My Trip to Williamsburg, Virginia Begins

The car service picked me up at 7:30. Probably because mercury is retrograde, when I went to put the lock on my suitcase...a special lock for airport travel... It wouldn't close. I asked Z for help again and there was the lock closed after the car service driver and I gave it to several different tries.

On the way to the airport there was lots of rush hour traffic. I told the car service driver we would arrive at 8:35. He said based on the traffic we wouldn't get to Laguardia Airport until 9 o'clock or so. Traffic or no traffic, Z was going to get me here on time ... And he did. Got here at 8:35 exactly!

Finally, I got my boarding pass. YAY ! Off to security check point......

Next ... Guess who they singled out to pat down? Moi! It was an interesting experience because it was the first time that ever happened to me. I guess I am starting to look like a terrorist working with law enforcement as often as I do. Sorry, no pictures of the pat down.

All is well as I wait for my flight to board in a few minutes.

So here I sit in the terminal...I don't have the feeling that the flight is going to be too crowded. Should be boarding in a few minutes.

On the Plane !

Yes, I'm in my seat and ready to go. Hmmm. I did get a roomy seat and it's not crowded at all. As we gained our flying altitude, soon after we began our descent. Well, that was quick. I hope John knows I'm early. So, here's some shots as we descend.

So, do you see them? I never travel alone. In the car, on the plane, walking to the grocery store... doesn't matter. This time the orbs showed up. Say hi ! They prefer the name "Sphere Being." And it's true, they are a topic of much discussion right now. I'm jesting about the orbs but the Sphere Being Alliance is real. Check out their Facebook page here.

I got my luggage. John was there. Yay!

Now for the car ride to Williamsburg. I hope we can stop somewhere, cause I'm a bit hungry.