Thursday, May 14, 2015

2015 Stanley Cup

You may remember that I follow the NY Rangers and never give up on them. I'm happy to report the quest for the Stanley Cup remains alive as the New York Rangers head to the Eastern conference final. It seemed almost impossible a few days ago ... but as they say .. It's not over until it's over. Wednesday Game 7 at the Garden went into overtime ... the Rangers winning. The Rangers also did something no NHL team has ever done. They are the first team to ever win the series in back-to-back years after being down three games to one.

The Rangers and the Washington Capitals had battled for six games - each one decided by a single goal - and well into overtime Wednesday night in Game 7 of their memorable second-round playoff series. What separated the teams at Madison Square Garden was a stunning six-second sequence. Read more   NY Times

May 16, 2015

Preakness Website

In other sports ...
Saturday is the 140th running of the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore.
I'm betting on American Pharaoh again and then there's Mr. Z in this 8 horse race.
In the energies of Mercury Retrograde (repetitions and delays) - American Pharaoh should win again.

May 18, 2015

New Moon 27° Taurus

Mercury Retrograde ... The Days Before

Mercury Retrograde arrives May 18 but can be felt days before.

Mercury ... Transportation and Communication ...

We've been following this story in the news. Really tragic.

2015 Philadelphia Train Derailment   Wikipedia

Mercury Retrograde always starts early for me. Take for example the client who showed up yesterday at 12:00 ... 2 days early for her appointment. She drove here from Queens ... looked for a parking spot ... and wondered was she could park anywhere - no alternate parking. Suddenly she realized it wasn't Friday, it was Wednesday. She called me from her car and asked if by chance I could see here ... luckily I could. Time and perception are becoming more and more elusive. I told her to come up 30 minutes later because I felt that something was going to happen that needed my attention. She agreed and went to have lunch at the coffee shop on the corner thanking me as she parked.

So what was Ellie sensing? No sooner did we hang up when the UPS guy arrived with a package. Inside was supposed to be the canvas hobo bag above that I had ordered for my trip. The original order was Sunday ... receiving it Monday in the wrong colors then reordering it for a Wednesday delivery. As the UPS guy arrived I had this funny feeling that something was wrong again. I opened the box telling him I had a feeling he'd be back on Thursday as again the order felt wrong. He'll be back today.

Earthquakes that are changing everything

6.8-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Coast of Japan   NBC - May 13, 2015
A 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck 21 miles southeast of Ofunato, Japan, on Tuesday, but there is no threat of a tsunami, authorities said.

Quake heightens Nepal landslide concern   BBC - May 13, 2015
The magnitude-7.3 earthquake that shook Nepal on Tuesday was an aftershock that the country could really have done without.

Tuesday's Adventures - Ellie and Her Family

Email from Nikki in Westport, CT. ... This is why children need cell phones. The world is going crazy.

    My kids went on lockdown today for 45 minutes because 2 guys with suspicious weapons were outside temple Israel (next door to Matthew's school. Noah's is next door to Matthew's). They held them for 45 minutes until the police arrested the 2 guys.

Temple Israel Protesters Prompt Lockdown at Westport Schools   NBC CT - May 12, 2015

Two Unarmed Men Held in Temple Israel Incident   Westport Now - May 12, 2015
Two unarmed men apparently intent on protesting and disrupting a luncheon today at Westport's Temple Israel for Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were detained by staff at the door and held for police, police and temple officials said. Some luncheon attendees fled in panic. One of the suspects, who were reportedly shouting about Palestinian rights, was initially thought to have a gun since he had a shirt over his arm. Nearby Coleytown Middle and Elementary Schools as well as the temple's nursery school and the pre-school at the Unitarian Chuch were placed on lockdown for about 45 minutes because of the incident, he said. Parents at Bedford Middle School said that school was also put on lockdown. Early Wednesday following their release, both men issued a news release to media saying they were two Jewish anti-apartheid activists from New Haven protesting a talk by a brigadier general in the IDF. They said they were attempting to read testimony by a Palestinian woman whose son was killed in Gaza during a 2009 Israeli military operation and who had to flee her home with the rest of her family during the 2014 Israeli action in Palestine ...

In Gilbert, AZ. .... My daughter Tracy and her students were on FOX news.

  FOX 10's Cory McCloskey goes back to Chaparral Elementary school

In Basking Ridge, NJ, my grandson Michael hit a 347 foot home run and kept the ball.

Michael plays High School Varsity. He hit the ball out of the park like a major league player.