Thursday, May 28, 2015

Trip to Williamsburg, Virginia

Friday, I'm meeting John at the Norfolk airport, then we're off to Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and Newport News in the days that follow. Looking at the history of the area, I remember seeing myself in the American Revolution - a soldier fighting for freedom here - linked to all the history that brought the Masonic Program to the North American continent. We've all experienced in these timelines one way or another in any subroutine of the hologram. The mission - freedom and the ability to understand the hologram. It's always been about destruction and rebirth ... this timeline making the journey more understandable due to current technologies ... which, in my mind, still seem so primitive. We temporarily remain here programmed to figure things out, through our emotions yet knowing it's all surreal and about to end.

I look forward to revisiting Colonial Williamsburg and wherever the journey takes me. Hopefully, John and I will take the boat ride to see the dolphins and visit a a area that is haunted as many spirits have made themselves known to me in readings of late. Along the way I also want to see San Andreas and Aloha. My friend Anna will look after things here at home and George will update my blogs.