Monday, May 4, 2015


12 around 1 Geometry of Creation in the physical

I finally got to see the 2014 film Interstellar. The cast and acting were great - the film way too long - 3 hours - which is why I waited to watch it at home. Towards the end, we see Matthew McConaughey's character Cooper, an astronaut, in the "grids" which he believes to be a tesseract. From within the tesseract, Cooper sees into his daughter Murph's bedroom at various times / points in her life, and is able to interact with items in it. After trying in vain to change the past, he reestablishes communications with TARS (robot) and realizes he can encode TARS's data from the singularity into a Morse code message, which he delivers by manipulating the second hand of a watch he gave Murphy before he left. When the adult Murphy retrieves the watch, she realizes what Cooper is doing and records the data, which enables her to save humanity by building a colony in space.

The Love Factor - Reality (the hologram) doesn't work that way ... It's science and math but people need this emotional component to go away with

    Film critic Richard Roeper says that one of the beautiful things about the movie is the "overriding message about the powerful forces of the one thing we all know but can't measure in scientific terms: Love. Coper decides to leave the daughter he loves to take a mission to find a new hospitable planet. All the time he keeps thinking of the sacrifice he made by leaving his daughter. At the end of the movie, as he enters a black hole he discovers that humans from the future have been trying to help them out all along. In the black hole he moves through time and space until he communicates with her in the past by affecting the physics of a watch. He finds her because he searches for her through the power of love. The New Yorker says that "The Nolans take us into the farthest mysteries of space-time, where, they assure us, love joins gravity as a force that operates across interstellar distances.

Speaking of geometry ... let's go back to the 11 pattern that haunts/taunts many people. We know 11 is twin spiraling encoded DNA and is part of both the binary code that runs the brain and the Fibonacci code that creates the hologram at this level. When people see the 11, it triggers part of their DNA linked to remembering the hologram and who they are in it. This leads to an ongoing series of synchronicities to find truth. Recently, I read a 30 year old man who is part of the 11 experience. As I connected with his grid (brain), I realized 11 shows up in its various forms when he is overcome by emotions, feels lost, becomes indecisive. He attracts 11 as a conditioned grounding mechanism to balance the circuits in his brain. People who experience in "zone 11" have the most interesting stories to tell - all set up by them. It excites them allowing them to refocus. Then there's the # (number sign, hashtag) which is almost 11 vertically and horizontally = #moresubliminalmessages.

May 4, 2015

Full Moon 13° Scorpio

May the Force be with you ....

What powers would you lie to have if only for today? Try them out to see.

May 4, 2015

Star Wars Day

  Star Wars Day Google Videos

May 4 celebrates the franchise's films series, books and culture.
The date was chosen as "May the 4th" due to its sounding similar to the series' phrase
"May the Force be with you" in which fans commonly say "May the fourth be with you".

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