Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday Afternoon in Williamsburg

It rained here last night, but this morning it's sunny and just really muggy. John and I spent the morning exploring several other places of interest but this afternoon I've decided to read clients while John relaxes at the pool. I actually enjoyed my clients much more than I do sitting at a pool.

While at the Kings Arms Tavern yesterday, John and I sat next to a party of 4, three women and a man from California. One of the women was taking a picture of her friends so I offered to take a picture of the entire group.

After taking two pictures, we got into a conversation about Aquarians as all of us were born in Aquarius. This led to a conversation about me being a psychic as one of the women asked me to tell her what I see. As this was a public restaurant and I was standing beside the table in clear view of the other patrons, I suddenly realizing everybody was looking at me. I gave her some fun info ... Nothing you wouldn't want the people at the other tables to hear. It was all lots of fun and made me miss my clients.

Hello from Jamestown

Monday, the weather was so sunny, we decided to have breakfast on the deck before heading out to an adventure in Jamestown our final destination in America's Historic Triangle.

We had lots of fun at the Visitor's Center, pretending we were living in the life and times of colonial America, when the Masonic Program moved across the planetary gameboard to the North American continent.

It also made me appreciate the perks of the 21st-century. Back then, kitchens were in a separate building from the main house because cooking made the living quarters too hot. People lived with obstacles at every turn, which may be different than what we are experiencing today, but it still remains a hologram filled with ongoing, and never ending, challenges.

John bought a whole bunch of souvenirs and I found a turquoise necklace and earring set.

It was difficult to take pictures in the museum, because of the lighting, but I took a few. I like the one that quotes John Smith,"... here I must leave all to the trial of time ..."

Back in the lobby, several people returned from a tour of the ongoing archaeological sites in the area. We considered taking the next tour, but it was getting too hot, so we drove back to Colonial Williamsburg.

John took me to a late lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, the famous Kings Arms Tavern after which we strolled along and met some of the local people in costume.