Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jokes and Jams

Yesterday, Donald Trump announced his run for president in one of the most ridiculous speeches ever, but then again, the hologram is becoming more absurd every day. The 10 best lines from Donald Trump's announcement speech. FYI - If he would tell the truth about extraterrestrials - I would vote for him. I like the way he speaks a truth I can identify with, yet don't think he can fix the issues.

Gabe wrotel, "I walked by Trump Towers this morning as they were handing out tee shirts". Interviews outside Trump Tower showed people passing by hoping Trump will fix things the other candidates can't. Good luck with that. Jimmy Fallon had a field day with Trump's announcement then did a "slow jam" with guest Jeb Bush and the Roots. I repeat, "Politics is a joke." Hit it boys! You'll love this.

Rachel/Racial Issues

Recently - for those who followed the Bruce/Caitlyn story - the lesson was about transgendered - the soul of a woman stuck in the body of a man becoming free. Interesting programming complete with lots of challenges.

Now we have Rachel Dolezal who - as you look at her - identifies emotionally and by changing her appearance physically - with being a black woman. There is more to the story that will come out as it unfolds - some of us sensing abuse issues with her white biological parents. Again ... Interesting programming. This is far from over.