Friday, March 11, 2016

Crystals - Kristals

Check this out. The oldest man is Holocaust survivor Yisrael Kristal. My cousins are wondering if he is a relative. He actually looks like my mother's side of the family. He was 112 years and 178 days old on 11 March, Guinness World Records says. I just realized this takes me full circle back to World War II ... yet again ... and all of the never ending metaphors that are coming into my life now as/at end times. I would call him Uncle Izzy! Is that a "Z" joke?

Auschwitz survivor is world's oldest man - Guinness World Records   BBC - March 11, 2016
A survivor of the Auschwitz death camp is now the world's oldest man, the Guinness World Records organization says. Yisrael Kristal was born near Zarnow in Poland in 1903 and lived through two world wars before moving to the Israeli city of Haifa.