Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Weather and Politics

It's going to be another gorgeous day in the city - unseasonably warm - and with record setting temperatures. There is something about this energy and the eclipse that is stirring my soul in a very positive way. The expression that comes to mind is "the fringes of reality".

If ever reality was shifting - in what seems like a surreal way - it's 2016 and the US presidential election year. Does it make you wonder if new inserts are created gradually or instantly?

Donald J. Trump solidified his lead for the Republican nomination, scoring victories in Michigan, Mississippi and Hawaii. Ted Cruz took Idaho. A focus on trade and jobs propelled Bernie Sanders to an upset in Michigan, but Mississippi strengthened Hillary Clinton's Southern stronghold. Republican insiders are busy organizing against Donald Trump. Democratic superdelegates are lining up against Bernie Sanders. Yet on Tuesday night, the anti-establishment candidates from both parties once again demonstrated the staying power of their campaigns.

It's not that I'm a Donald Trump fan - it's just that his energies speak to my soul - and maybe millions of others - about moving into a new paradigm that has to do with closure. Trump has all the momentum. I listened to him last night - after he won Michigan and Mississippi. Somehow through all of his journey into politics - Trump is shaping into a man who can lead the country out of the darkness and into the light. When not challenged he can act presidential - but as we know life is about challenges so no matter how composed he may seem at times - the Trump who loves the battle - will always surface. But isn't that true of most people - particularly men?

Reality is by Design

Tuesday, I read a photographer who orchestrated these two pics.
Here she wanted to capture my opal earrings - her birthstone.
Opals stimulate pineal and pituitary glands, vision, metabolism,
protection, consciousness, intuition, balance, and creativity.

The second picture takes me to something she may have been spiritually guided to and did not realize.

The clock reads 20 to 12 ... which goes to 2012 energies on many levels of consciousness.

Drawing Hands a lithograph by artist M. C. Escher whose works are
linked to sacred geometry. We return to the theme "As Above So Below".

The Droste Effect on M-C-Escher-Style - "Above Below"

Clocks ... Time ... Daylight Saving Time Begins Sunday