Friday, March 11, 2016

Politics and State Dinners

Thursday night's Republican Debate ... The presidential candidates didn't show their usual appetite for bashing one another in last nights debate, but Trump was challenged over his temperament, his harsh language about Islam and violence at his rallies which he explained. Today Trump, will be endorsed by Ben Carson. It's all in the news.

Thursday night's state dinner - the first for a Canadian prime minister in nearly two decades and most likely one of President Obama's last - had the air of a family reunion. Earlier in the day, President Obama said that the U.S. and Canada were more closely aligned than ever and promoted his close bond with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who joked about the state of our nation. Yes we have become a laughing stock.
Justin Trudeau, 'the anti-Trump,' shows U.S. Canada's progressive, diverse face   CNN - March 11, 2016

These soirees for foreign leaders began in 1874 and are fairly standard. But one stands out. Fifty-five years ago, President Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline, had one of the most majestic of all state dinners at Mount Vernon, George Washington's Virginia home. A fleet departed the Navy Yard and headed down the Potomac River, led by Kennedy's yacht, to the 18th-century colonial, which sits on a bluff overlooking the river. The Fife and Drum Corps put on a parade before the 138 guests, including President Ayub Khan of Pakistan, took a tour. Dinner was served under a candlelit tent with a spectacular view. The food was prepared at the White House and brought over in military vehicles; Mount Vernon did not have a modern kitchen or much electricity. Mr. Khan later gave Jacqueline Kennedy a black gelding. Known as Black Jack, it was the riderless horse in President Kennedy's funeral procession.

President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy hosted many state dinners.
She was known for her elegant elaborate fashions featuring the color red.

Hillary, as first lady, hosted many state dinners.

The way we were ..

Segue to 2017 and beyond ..

Can you imagine Donald Trump as president
with his wife Melania hosting a state dinner?