Sunday, March 13, 2016

Daylight Savings

March 13 - November 6, 2016

Daylight Saving Time

Recent national polls show that nearly half of adults think
daylight saving time is not worth the hassle. I agree.

Should We Cancel Daylight Saving Time?  
Huffington Post - March 12, 2016

A dozen states are considering getting rid of daylight saving time  
VOX - March 12, 2016

Civil Unrest

The Second American Revolution or Civil War continues. Expect more violence by people who are fed up with ... just about everything especially those who are mentally unstable and substance abuse users. This is not just about Trump but this has been growing across the nation for years and will effect more than the political climate. It's reality TV - the kind I would never watch and yet I still see Trump ahead on Tuesday. Your soul is here for the evolution of ... consciousness and reality is a reflection of current events. We are no different than third world countries fighting for freedom.

Cruz Takes Delegates in Wyoming, and Rubio Wins in Washington, D.C.   New York Times - March 13, 2016
Senator Ted Cruz won the most delegates awarded in the Wyoming Republican conventions on Saturday, while Senator Marco Rubio narrowly beat Gov. John Kasich in Washington, D.C., on the last day of voting before Tuesday's make-or-break primaries in five large states. Hillary Clinton prevailed in the Northern Mariana Islands, the only Democratic contest of the day. In Guam, Republicans chose nine delegates for the party's July convention, but the delegates were officially unpledged to any candidate. Compared with the primaries coming in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio - in what is shaping up to be a second Super Tuesday - these contests made for a minor Saturday, with Mr. Cruz trimming a bit from Donald J. Trump's delegate lead.

As the chaos continues ... I took this pic Saturday night of cops, detectives,
and emergency vehicles as they came on and off the Belt Parkway.