Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Tuesday Results

  Super Tuesday CNN   March 2, 2016

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2016 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions

The Democratic and Republican front-runners racked up wins and delegates, as each consolidated a lead. This was all predicted and came as no surprise though I was hoping Trump would do better so we could get rid of Rubio. Trump lost states he was expected to win and saw his margin of victory slip below what polls had predicted in others.

Last night - with Chris Christie and Trump's soon Eric at his side - Trump took to the stage at Mar-a-Lago and showed us a side of him I hope those guiding his candidacy will continue to reinforce and that is acting the role of the political statesman. Trump was restrained, and complemented the Ted Cruz. If Trump can sustain this temperament until March 15 ... that's all he has to do to show the country he can lead America to powerful new frontiers. I believe he can and will do it. As with the patterns we all experience in our lives, Trump is used to the big battle. Perhaps now - as he leads the other candidates - he will show us a more dignified side of himself and stay that way. I know what you're think ... old habits (patterns) die hard.

Ted Cruz is encouraging some of the other candidates to drop out so he can beat Trump but it doesn't appear they will. He should also consider those voters may side with Trump. So far, division among Republicans has served Trump well. I watch MSNBC for all things political. Monday night, Trump joked about the ongoing debates and he wished they were over. He mimicked the behavior of Rubio and Cruz behind the scenes as if plotting against him like children. For now, it appears there will be more of the same. We move to the next debate tomorrow night as the battles rage on.

In the Sanders versus Clinton battle - Hillary is now confident she will be the next candidate ... but be careful Hillary. Your current legal predicaments caused by email misconduct are just beginning and far from over. Having raised millions of dollars, Sanders is still a viable candidate.