Friday, May 19, 2017


Insanity: Craziness prevailed yesterday here in the city as a man plowed down 23 people, with one fatality, at Times Square setting the scene for terror and panic. Heat and humidity could have added to his behavior, though he seems he be another mentally ill, drug addicted young man who went postal. His behavior could be a result of viewing vehicle terrorist attacks on TV. Death also found Roger Ailes of Fox News fame and musician Chris Cornell who helped forge a form of rock that used all its power to question rather than to exult.

Finales: As my favorite TV shows come to season finales - there was a sweet mix of emotions setting the next for the fall season. Thursday night The Blacklist and Scandal as always had brilliant writing and performances - each series airing two episodes back to back. I looked ahead at the summer schedule finding little of interest. It's all about Reality - not my thing

Politics: On the political front, you are probably up to date on local chaos, as we follow Trump abroad when he sets off today on his first trip overseas since taking office. First stop ...Saudi Arabia, which is negotiating a $100 billion arms deal with the U.S. Foreign leaders are sharing tips on meeting with Trump, including keeping their conversations brief because Trump has a short attention span. Yes, indeed ... we live in crazy times.

Royal wedding: For those of us who enjoyed Princess Kate's wedding ... On Saturday, Britain will have its closest thing to a royal wedding this year (barring any surprises from Prince Harry), when Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, marries.

142nd Preakness: I'm going with Always Dreaming again but Senior Investment looks like a good choice to place.