Friday, May 5, 2017

In Control?

Obviously we can't control the hologram of reality, though many believe so, but what about self-control and understanding? You've read the books, articles, and blogs, seen the videos, and have either decided to fight for control, experience it vicariously through others, or it is beyond your programmed experiences. We all know it's not easy to change one's programmed addictive behavior patterns. All you can do is wait for the programming of one set of experiences to segue to something that's hopefully better.

This week two A-List celebrities - Brad Pitt and Miley Cyrus - talked about ending substance abuse for the sake of those they love but mostly for control of their lives. Their descriptions of being free are catalyzing to those in similar situations. Hopefully they remain clean because there is nothing like being free of chemicals that influence thinking and behavior. Try it.

It's all about control and your consciousness surveying your experience to shift grids in your favor. It's about your emotional package highlighted by fears and resulting anxiety. Do you feel in control of your life? Afraid of ... ? The biggest high is being in control of your destiny and aligning with unfolding events. You won't know it until you get there.

Trump on Cinco de Mayo

It's a funny thing about Trump. He got nominated and elected against all odds. He had a crappy first 100 days. He admits to missing his old job where he was in control and made decisions alone, his home in Trump Towers, and driving. [Interesting that he holds the steering wheel the way I do - 12 - control.] He has so many flaws it's hard to keep up, though Stephen Colbert and others try. Some believe he will go too far one day and get impeached but I don't see it. Something is keeping him In Place. Don't see Trump's wall with Mexico happening for many reason. Mexico ~ so much to say about it on Cinco de Mayo ~ from its amazing history and cultures to corruption, and Mt. Popocatepetl where UFO's come and go as caught on video cam. Maybe aliens put him in place - no not illegal ones - the space kind.