Saturday, May 6, 2017

Parallel Revolutions

Somewhere along the way you studied the French Revolution (1789 - 1799) which influenced the American Revolution (1765 - 1783).

I have seen myself in both lifetimes which seems a little hard to believe as they were so close in proximity. So how do I explain it?

    1. My soul was having multiple experiences in coexisting timelines.

    2. My consciousness grid connected with characters in those timelines placing me there for the experience, just as we are here today.

As patterns repeat (think fractals of creation) - this takes us to politics today. French politics is highlighting one day before the current presidential elections. It's 2017 ... more foreign hacking and another French Revolution just as we had another American Revolution November 8, 2016. When the old ways no longer work people rebel (it's in our programming) and hope for the best. As we live in 3D or bipolar dramas, there is no solution for peace. Factions will always rise up and want power.

Marriage of the Minds ... Something old ...something new ... something borrowed ... something that makes us feel blue. The Best Man or Best Woman does not always win in Politics and other grid inserts. The winner of tomorrow's election in France will change the face of the country and there will be endless protests just as we experience here.

Sports Roundup

It's a great time for sports. I grew up watching professional sports and loved being a High School cheerleader though cheer was different in those days. I could never tumble like my granddaughter Joie shown here after her Cheer Team won the National Championships in Las Vegas.

I married a man who also loved sports, so we attended all sorts of events, though I drew the line at wrestling, golf, and tennis. As New Yorkers we loved our home teams especially the NY Rangers (hockey). Today at 3pm EDT we find the Rangers in Ottawa advancing in the Stanley Cup. Good luck.

Anybody up for a marathon? So close ...Italy: Kenyan runner comes close -- but 2-hour marathon barrier remains unbroken Eliud Kipchoge was seconds from making history Saturday, but the Olympic champion finished just short of becoming the first person to run a marathon in less than two hours. Kipchoge ran the 26.2 miles in 2 hours, 25 seconds, smashing Dennis Kimetto's world mark of 2:02:57 and raising hopes that one of the most famous sports barriers can be broken.

This may not be a marathon, but the New York City 40th Five Boro Bike Tour is scheduled for Sunday, rain or shine as riders from across the country generally participate. As they stop in the park across the street for free water and fruit, I generally go downstairs to meet people with the most interesting backgrounds. The bicycles themselves range from simple, to very expensive - seating for one, two or three riders, and often creatively designed seats for children. Generally by the day before the event, the park across the street has porta-potties set up, but as of this post, I don't see anything. I guess I'll know soon as this is a big event that affects traffic across the city and the plans of people who need to travel for work or play. I have one client on Sunday who is coming from upstate by train and subway.

Highlighting sports this weekend is the 143rd Kentucky Derby. In the 2017 lineup we find these horses. I already spoke to my son-in-law Jon who bets for me. Nothing will top the excitement and winnings of 2015, when American Pharoah won the Triple Crown. Remember that? This year Jon and I like Always Dreaming. Jon likes that horse along with Thunder Snow.

When you think of the Kentucky Derby what comes to mind are the fashions. Rain might hamper things for those who want to show off the fancy clothing, but that's something we face every day due to increased climate change. The weather reports show rain today in Louisville ...but there are indoor areas not to mention this past week of celebrations. It's like Fashion Week in Louisville. Events will begin at Churchhill Downs airing from 2:30 PM EDT with post time at 6:34pm.

The woman who smashed the Kentucky Derby's glass ceiling  
CNN - May 5, 2017

There are many other sports events this weekend - from professional to little league to school - where my grandsons Matthew and Noah compete in their age categories in CT. My friend Ron posted this pic of his son Andrew, 18, High School Senior, with the caption: "Sparta High School new Long Jump record! Congratulations Andrew"