Sunday, May 7, 2017

MTV Awards

May 7, 2017

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MTV Movie Awards

New York City 40th Five Boro Bike Tour.

32,000 cyclists of all skill levels come from around the world to roll through every borough of New York City on streets totally free of cars. For one day, the roads are yours, the bridges are yours, the City is yours - there's no better way to experience the Big Apple. Produced in conjunction with the City of New York, the TD Five Boro Bike Tour Presented by REI is the largest charitable bike ride in the U.S., with proceeds funding our free bike education programs. Last year they taught more than 17,000 kids and adults how to ride. When you ride with Bike New York, you're helping us in our mission to empower more New Yorkers with the skills to ride safely and confidently on city streets. The bicycles themselves range from simple to very expensive - seating for one, two or three riders, and often creatively designed seats for children.

Parallel Revolutions

Macron and Le Pen in French election run-off   BBC - May 7, 2017

Somewhere along the way you studied the French Revolution (1789 - 1799) which influenced the American Revolution (1765 - 1783).

I have seen myself in both lifetimes which seems a little hard to believe as they were so close in proximity. So how do I explain it?

    1. My soul was having multiple experiences in coexisting timelines.

    2. My consciousness grid connected with characters in those timelines placing me there for the experience, just as we are here today.

As patterns repeat (think fractals of creation) - this takes us to politics today. French politics is highlighting one day before the current presidential elections. It's 2017 ... more foreign hacking and another French Revolution just as we had another American Revolution November 8, 2016. When the old ways no longer work people rebel (it's in our programming) and hope for the best. As we live in 3D or bipolar dramas, there is no solution for peace. Factions will always rise up and want power.

Marriage of the Minds ... Something old ...something new ... something borrowed ... something that makes us feel blue. The Best Man or Best Woman does not always win in Politics and other grid inserts. The winner of tomorrow's election in France will change the face of the country and there will be endless protests just as we experience here.


Fellow classmate, Marilyn Garber in Florida, sent me a pic of our graduation pin. I doubt that I bought one, and definitely don't have it but still have the year book. How many years ago did we all graduate Lincoln High School in Brooklyn? 10? 20? 30? 40? 50? Oh my ... that was 57 years ago! I'm cool with that.

Kentucky Derby

May 6, 2017

7:00 pm give or take: Before the race started I was watching the people and horses as they walked by - while talking to some of the Florida friends I reconnected with through Facebook last month - Marilyn, Anita, Mike and Al. When I told them about the 143rd Kentucky Derby, like a horse racing to the finish line, they turned on the TV cheering along with me and the record number 170,513 people at Churchill Downs as "Always Dreaming" won. Exciting race. "Always Dreaming" should go on to bigger and better things as we get closer to the Triple Crown. Time to check my winnings with my son-in-law Jon. Did he say $110? Yes, he did. My grandson Matthew also won $50. Why did I pick "Always Dreaming"? When was deciding on a horse, Z said, "Reality is a dream". I got the message and blogged about it here and on Facebook. Thanks Z, who is always "my" favorite.

Nikki and her boys at the Yankee Game